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Erfolgreichster Partner der NLZs

seit 2006 bereits über 90 Kids zum FCK!

15 Spieler nach Elversberg

18 Spieler zum FKP

11 zum FC Homburg

4 zur TSG Hoffenheim

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Beste Ausbildung!

Auch nach dieser Saison 2021/22 wechselten drei Talente zu einem NLZ!

2 Spieler zur SV Elversberg, 1 Spieler zum FCK

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Erfolgreiche Ausbildung für unsere junge "Wilden"!

SFC Kaiserslautern is a part of the “Fußballakademie Kaiserslautern” and the official club of the Axel Roos soccer school (academy partner of Bundesliga side 1899 Hoffenheim)

SFC puts the development of young players in first place, to make sure the kids learn all necessary soccer skills and attributes. The younger you are, the easier it is to learn – the same counts for soccer!

Research on this topic also proves that all skills learned until the age of 13 can not be unlearnt again.  That’s why we treat every individual player carefully – in this age development is more important than winning or loosing! This is how we make sure to coach kids to be complete soccer players and athletes as adults!

To guarantee development and good coaching there is a huge demand on qualified coaches and staff. SFC sets the standards very high when it comes to coaching. That’s why all our coaches should hold a licence of the association and besides that are schooled internally by headcoach Axel Roos (UEFA Pro Licence , former assistant coach of the adult national teams of Albania and Bahrain). As a part of the Axel Roos soccer school, our coaches are also schooled by the staff of Bundesliga side TSG 1899 Hoffenheim.

Selecting good coaches is our aim – that’s why we do not only take a look on the coaching skills, but also on pedagogical skills, which are very important for the work with kids.

Outside of state and country we also made a name for ourselves. Back in 2013 we hosted a camp in Dallas, Texas, which made it possible for 2 kids to get invited for tryouts by the German Bundesliga club TSG Hoffenheim. One of the kids has already participated and is still on their radar, waiting for the next invitation coming in fall of 2014.

Since the beginning of 2014 we partner with Ayses out of Dallas, Texas and will host 2 camps per year in the DFW area to make sure no talent is unseen. 

We are currently in negotiations with clubs in other states of the U.S. The partnerships with clubs overseas make it possible for SFC players to spend their vacation in the United States hosted by guest families, where they will participate in the training sessions of our partners. Furthermore kids aged 17-19 can be recommended to US Colleges through SFC.



We try to support every player indivually and help him to improve in the best possible way. Since we know that kids develop very differently, SFC stands for an integral development concept. Enjoying the game is an attribute which can’t happen to get lost!

By following our integral development concept  we support:

  1. The best possible development of a player through complex practise sessions and by learning all necessary techniques concerning soccer.
  2. The best possible personal development of a player to be a role model on the field by following the Fair-Play rules towards opponents, teammates, parents, coaches and officials.
  3. Enjoying the game, which is supposed to be the top priority when playing and practising.

Our coaches also live to the standards of the SFC philosophy. In addition to a high quality of coaching our coaches stand for  pedagogically appropriate  forms or working with kids.

Thereby, they follow the rules of our 6-pillars-concept concerning good coaching in youth soccer.